Get your favorite photo aluminyzed to display on your furniture piece, mount it on your wall, stick it onto a photo album - or just about create it into an amazing work of art. Aluminyzed photos stand out for its vibrancy, sophistication, professionally modern look and durability


Aluminyze Your Photo


Fred Holmstock, Land And Sea Imagery After having several images produced to show clients the phenomenal quality of an Aluminyzed print over the traditional paper and canvas prints, few if any, are now opting for anything other than aluminum!

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Aluminyze Products

Aluminyze is available in different sizing, shapes, surfaces and mounting options.

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Mini Easel

For 5"x5" & 5"x7"


For 8"x8" to 11"x17"

Acrylic Pedestal

For 8"x8" to 11"x14"

1/2" Wood Wall Float

For 8"x8" & larger

3/4" Black Wood Wall Float

For 11"x14" & larger


Silver Surface

Our raw silver aluminum surfacing adds a fascinating semi transparent look to all colors. Whites become metallic Silver, while all colors and details shine with new metallic life. Light plays off of the silver and creates a bright translucent luminance that reacts like a brilliant matrix, reinventing itself from every angle.

Standard White surface

Our bright white surfacing creates a greater depth of saturated color and superior contrasts. Bring out the best in portraits, wedding shots or when youre looking to add great depth and color to any photo.



Release the full brilliance of your Aluminyzed photos. A gloss finish turns up the shine and radiance of any image adding amazing depth and reflectivity.


For your subtler and softer side. A matte finish adds a quieter tone and gentler edge to any Aluminyzed image. When you want brilliance without the shine and a pensive stare without the reflective glare.